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2011 Honoree No Grease Barbershop

Barbershops have been the cornerstones of countless communities. No Grease is not an exception in that aspect. With professionalism and love for the craft No Grease leads the pack in quality work. With this being said, those are not the reasons why this shop stands out. No Grease has been and still is a place of security. Securing the integrity of community culture, self-respect, and charity. When you walk into this establishment you get the feeling of eating a home cooked meal after returning from a long business trip. Greeted with smiles and warm welcomes, the atmosphere is electric with laughter and friendly conversation. In today’s fast paced world a lot of places have lost the essence that used to be ever present in barbershops. No Grease has resurrected and maintained the long lost art of being a true community establishment. A sense of family brings people together of all races and creeds into a tight nit structure of friends while visiting this shop. Hailing from Buffalo NY, the two brothers Jermain and Damian started to get into cutting air at a young age. After studying business in college the two brothers opened a business of their own. With their self taught skills behind the clippers and business savvy the two brothers were unstoppable. To the entire staff of No Grease and the Johnson brothers (Damian and Jermain) we thank you and salute you.

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